Saint Francis thanks Purina for their support
For more information on our Breeder Program, please contact or call 540.342.DOGS (3647).

The puppies coming to Saint Francis from the Breeder community touch many lives. Below is an excerpt from a puppy raiser in the Bland Prison Pup program about a puppy that is from a litter of seven donated to Saint Francis by a breeder.

The Breeder program is extremely important to Saint Francis as it is the primary means of obtaining puppies for the training program.

One breeder commented:
We are always looking for exceptional dogs that have the qualities necessary to be brought into our training program. Temperament is of primary importance; we look for puppies or older dogs (up to 2 years of age) that have a strong desire to be with people, have the confidence and stability to go out into the world, and are easily trained. Good health and physical soundness are also very important.

In order to determine if a puppy will potentially meet our requirements we need information on
BOTH the parents. The following information will help us in our screening process:
Saint Francis prefers to test litters for temperament at seven weeks of age. Ideally, breeders will adhere to the early socialization procedures that we can provide.

If you are a breeder interested in donating a puppy or puppies to our program, please contact Saint Francis as soon as you determine your projected breeding as this helps us in the planning process.

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