Career Change Dogs

The regimen to become a full-fledged Saint Francis Service Dog is a challenging one, and some of our puppies and dogs are not able to successfully complete the program. Many times, our "Career Change Dogs" are taken into their puppy raiser's home as a pet or returned to their breeder. Occasionally, we will place a career change puppy or dog as a pet to a loving home carefully screened by Saint Francis staff and volunteers.

In order to qualify for a career change dog, the application form found at the link below must be returned to Saint Francis. Once a potentially appropriate dog for you is available, we will arrange for a home visit and probation period to ensure that the dog settles in well and is a good fit for you and your family.

Career change dogs typically cost $1000 and there is a waiting list. The placement area for a Saint Francis Career Change Dog is the Commonwealth of Virginia and areas within a three hour drive from the Saint Francis Facility at 8232 Enon Drive, Roanoke Virginia.

It is our commitment at Saint Francis to be sure that all of our dogs, regardless of their ultimate career as a service dog or a pet, will enjoy a healthy, safe, and happy life.

If you are interested in applying for a Saint Francis Career Change Dog, click on the link below to download the application form. Please mail the completed application to the address indicated on the form.
Application Form for a Career Change Dog

Saint Francis thanks Purina for their support
For questions or additional information about Saint Francis Service Dogs contact us at or call 540.342.DOGS (3647).

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