Accessibility Statement | Saint Francis Service Dogs

Our organization is committed to ensuring that this website is accessible to everyone. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this website, please contact us by using the form below and specify the nature of your issue as well as any assistive technology you may use. Your feedback is welcome as we continually strive to improve the accessibility to all visitors of this website.

Features Currently Available

Keyboard Navigation of Pages and Menus
You can use the SPACE, TAB, and ENTER keys on your keyboard for navigation if you find it difficult to use a mouse. If you choose keyboard navigation, it is recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser.

Stable Graphics
We have avoided the use of animated elements.

Screen Adjustments
High contrast modes are available for optimal readability of text, including Black/White, Black/Yellow, and Yellow/Black modes.  Night mode allows for reduced eyestrain.  The width switcher adjust the width of the screen to fit your needs.  Font size is available in three degrees, all of which are fixed as a percentage.  These adjustments are available in the top right of your screen on a computer or tablet and by selecting the wheelchair icon from a mobile device.  All of these options are accessible at all times when using keyboard navigation.

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