Supporter Recognition | Saint Francis Service Dogs

More than 1,000 people give of their time, talents, and means each year to help children and adults with disabilities live richer, fuller lives with a Saint Francis Service Dog steady by their side.

Thank you to our 2021 donors and volunteers.  We could not fulfill our mission without you.

Virginia Ann Fitch Trust

Ms. Jo Lynn Draper*
Edwin A. and Lelia W. Myrick, Joint Trust
The Karen Beldegreen Irrevocable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine*

Mr. Peter Emch
Hittman Family Foundation

Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation
Mr. Marvin Smith and Mrs. Joy Davis Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison
Dr. Timothy Andriano
Ceres Foundation Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler*
Ms. Lynne Fiscella Esq.
The Louise R. Lester Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McMahon Sr.
Mr. Larry Morris
The Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sinnott*
Ms. Linda Webb

Ameriprise Financial
Kenneth “Andy” Anderson and Dr. Marti Anderson
AnR Career Solutions
Bessemer Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John Burress III
Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver III*
Delta Gamma Epsilon Mu
The Emch Foundation
Enirtep, Inc.
The Farrell Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Funds
Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Company, P.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz
Guilford Foundation
Mr. Edwin Hall
Ms. Nicole Laroche
M.W. Armistead III Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward
Ms. Mary Anne Mullins and Mr. Christopher Robinson
Norfolk Southern Charity
Ms. Yvonne Olson
Mr. and Mrs. John Olver
Ms. Elizabeth Parsons
The Phalia M. and Guy M. Kinder Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
Mrs. Sarah Plymale
Mr. Luther Quick
Mrs. Emily Reynolds
Ms. Suzanne Thorniley
United Way – Combined Federal Campaign
Varsity Landscaping and Grounds – Mike and Carol Anderson
Ms. Dianne Woody*

Abbitt Family Foundation
Mrs. Jan Barnett
The Carter and Kay Craigie Family Foundation
County of Roanoke
Ms. Carole Denney
Duffy Family Foundation
Mrs. Melodee Franck
Mrs. Nancy Haskett
Ms. Sandra Henson
Partners in Financial Planning
Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tainer
Waldvogel Commercial Properties
Whitlow and Youell, PLC

The Adelaar Foundation
AmazonSmile Foundation
American National Bank & Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Rawson Andrews
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, LLC
Mr. Ralph Baker Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Balzer*
Dr. Eugene Bane
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Mark and Kathy Baske Young*
Pierre Breber
Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP
Church of the Good Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crossley
Mr. and Mrs. Warner Dalhouse
Lucy H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Dingler
Mr. and Mrs. William Downey*
Ms. Alice Dugger
Edward Jones Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. William Elliot
Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke, Inc.
Ms. Lynne Falkinburg
Ms. Charlene Fay*
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Mr. Frank Flippin and Ms. Sarah Copenhaver
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Foss
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foti
Gary and Sandra Bradford Charitable Fund
GC Commercial, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack*
Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jones
Ms. Annette Kirby*
Knights of Columbus – Holy Cross Council 595
Ms. Heidi Krisch
Kroger Community Rewards
Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaPrade
Mr. John Lawrence and Ms. Elizabeth Adams
Lawrence Transportation Systems
Mr. and Mrs. James Lee
LEEPS Foundation
Member One Federal Credit Union
Milan Tobacconists
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr
N M Foundation
NVA National Veterinary Associates
Network for Good
New River Electrical Corp.
Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory
Mr. and Mrs. Martin O’Brien Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Poff
Jay and Paula Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rearick
Ms. Sandra Reed
Reid’s Fine Furnishing
Roanoke Animal Hospital
Mr. Lloyd Ruona
Ms. Mary Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saacke
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shearer
Ms. Nancy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Spikes
Mr. and Mrs. James Spitz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trible Jr.
Vinton Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Courtney and Mr. Spencer Wiegard*
Mr. Gary Wilburn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zinn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aleshire
Ms. Lisa Andruscavage
Atlantic Bay Cares Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barbour*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barnes*
Mr. John Barnes III
Ms. Judy Bates*
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board
Chris and Kellie Bock
Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Bowers Jr.
Chris Brown
Jill Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin*
The Cartledge Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Brenda Clarke
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Dr. Robert Copenhaver
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coulling
Country Corner Farms Inc.
Ms. Lee Cox
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Craighead
Ms. Ashley Craver and Mr. Howard Rice
Ms. Karin Crockett
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cunningham
Mr. Calvert De Coligny Jr.
Mr. Brian Desloge
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Ms. Deborah Duerk
Ms. Carole Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas England
Mrs. Boo Evans
Mrs. Diane Evans
Mr. and Mrs. John Everhart
Mrs. Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Sarah Foltz
Ms. Carole Ford
Ms. Jeanette Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gard III
Mr. Brian Giles
Grand Home Furnishings – Benevolence Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Guidry
Harris Office Furniture
Hanging Rock Animal Hospital
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Harrington
Ms. Cathie Havrilesky
Heartland Midwest Foundation
Mr. F. Staley Hester Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoggan
Ms. Christy Izard*
Ms. Anne Jenkins*
Ms. Joyce Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Jones
Mr. and Mrs. T. Farrell Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Joyce*
Mr. George Kegley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kessinger
Krevere Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lawson
Ms. Nancy Leighton
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Long
Lyerly Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Macpherson*
Ms. Ann Martyn and Mr. Frank O’Brien PhD. PhD.
Ms. Cheryl McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger
Mr. Bill Morrisette
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Moskal*
Mr. and Mrs. David Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Nelson
Mr. James North
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nunnery
Mr. Douglas and Dr. Kris Oursler*
Kate Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pope
Ms. Deborah Ramirez Ashby
Dr. and Mrs. Leroy Roemer
Mr. and Mrs. David Rowan
Ms. Sarah Rubush
Brandon Rutledge
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saplak*
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Seek
Ms. Barbara Shands
Joyce Sharma
Ms. Joan Showalter
Ms. Nancy Shumate and Ms. Teresa Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sowers
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Starr
Mr. Bodo Stock
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss*
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sublett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka*
Mr. Allan Toth
Mrs. Corinth Treadway
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Villamil*
Ms. Beverly Waddell
Mr. Edward Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Waters*
Ms. Jackie Werb
Westlake Veterinary Clinic
Dr. and Mrs. Edward White
Ms. Melissa White
Willard Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winter
Ms. Susan Wirt
Ann Marie and Reggie Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youell III
Ms. Fran Young

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Sixto Aquino
Auxan Capital Fund – AG Financial
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mrs. Irene Betzel
Mrs. Linda Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley III*
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bray III
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buchanan
Mrs. Janice Burr
Mr. Eugene Callaway
Mrs. Charmaine Carmack
Mrs. Patricia Carr
Sylvia D Center
Mr. Agnis Chakravorty
Mr. and Mrs. David Chernow
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Chisholm
Clifton Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody
Mr. Richard Cohen
Companion Animal Clinic
Mr. Ben Cooper and Ms. Polly Gault
Mr. William Corey and Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock
Craver Realty
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist
Ms. Kathy Cvizic
CyberGrants – Allstate
Ms. Patricia Davidson
Ms. Penny Denny
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dewyer
Mrs. Barbara Dickerson
Ms. Jessica Droste
Mr. John and Dr. Elizabeth Duckworth
Ms. Anne-Paige Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Whit Ellerman
Ms. Doris Evans
Mr. David Farnum
Mr. and Mrs. W. Heywood Fralin
Mr. and Mrs. Humes Franklin Jr.
Mrs. Leslie Frusco
Hon. and Mrs. Ray Garland
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gatewood III
Ms. Debra Given
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Godlewski
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Greene
Mr. and Mrs. William Hackett
Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Hagadorn
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Haley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hannah*
Mr. and Mrs. David Harman
Mr. and Mrs. David Harrington
Robert Harris
Ms. Jeanette Hatcher
Mrs. Betsy Hatfield
The Helen Cadd Elderly Protection Fund
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Helsing
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Heymann
Ms. Celeste Hicks
Mr. Egon Hofmann
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Houser
Mrs. Ann Hunnicutt
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Inman
Ms. Mary Garrett Itin
Ms. Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado
Ms. Nancy Jacobs*
Joe Bandy & Son, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey
Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kappesser
Mrs. Holly Kellam*
Andy Kind-Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kleiner
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kriz
Beth Leech
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Ludwig
Mr. Daniel Lynn and Ms. Rosemary Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mabe
Mr. Brian Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mathena
Mrs. Cheryl McIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece
Judge Duncan Minton
MKB Realtors
Mr. Phillip Montano
Ms. Christina Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrissett
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mushinsky
Ms. Maureen Noftsinger
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Nottingham
Josefina Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez
Pledgeling Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polinski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Porter
Ms. Paige Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ptaschek
Larry and Patricia Rakes
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Read
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reed
Ms. Carol Reedy
Mr. and Mrs. Lea Riddle
Cindy and Tom Roberts
Robby Roberts
Hon. Frederick Rockwell III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roettger
Mr. Ben Rottenborn
Dr. Karen Rutherford-Coulson
Mrs. Drusilla Sexton
Ms. Shannon Shaffer*
Ms. Starr Shank
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Shelor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shelton
Mr. Pranav Singh
Mr. Kirk Smallwood
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith
Ms. Kris Sorensen
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Stavola
Ms. Lesleigh Strauss
Ms. Jacqueline Streithof
Mrs. Nadia Summo*
Ms. Lindsay Taylor
Ms. Jo Ann Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin-Brenner
Ms. Jennifer Tonkin
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Trexel
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Webb
Ms. Lavonia Welfare
Dr. William Wellborn PhD.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Whitt
Ms. Cherie Wilson
Ms. Marilyn Wilson and Mr. Art Hafdelin
Mr. Neil Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisser*
Mr. and Mrs. M. Lanier Woodrum

Ms. Susan Adams*
Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Adams
Mrs. JoAnn Adams
Ms. Sandi Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. G. Steven Agee
Ms. Carole Agee
Mr. William Akers Esq.
Frank Allen
Ms. Lorraine Allen-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Anderson
Ms. Patricia Andrews
Anonymous (12)
Jenifer Antonacci
Ms. Barbara Antonik
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arent
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Artusio III
Lois Ashby
Ms. Rosemary Backer
Michael Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Banks III
Mrs. Mary Ellen Barb
Edward Barnes
Ms. Linda Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bauman
Ms. Joanne Bebel
Mrs. Patricia Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. William Benton
Mr. and Mrs. David Bialek
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Birmingham
Ms. Peggy Bizjak
Mr. Lester Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blaha
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Blue
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bodley
RADM. and Mrs. Donald Boecker
Mr. Steven Boisvert
Lynne Boone
Mr. and Mrs. John Borders
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bowman
Mr. Joseph Brabant
Ms. Karen Brill and Mr. Bill Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Britt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Broach
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Broce
Butter & Mary Ann Brock
Brogan Insurance
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Brown Jr.
Ms. Mary Kay Brown
Ms. Gail Brumberg
Allison Bubar
Mr. and Mrs. Dom and Debbie Buccola
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bull
Ms. Lucy Burke
Mr. Guy Burns
Mr. and Mrs. John Busby
Dr. Janice Buss
Mrs. Ellen Byck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bye
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Caceci
Caroline Campbell
Mr. Robert Campbell
Ms. Patricia Cargill
Mr. and Mrs. George Cartledge Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Celin
Ms. Lois Chambers
Ms. Constance Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. David Charlton
Timothy Chavis
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Cheek
Ms. Kathie Childers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chriss
Chris Clark
Mrs. Maude Coggin
Coldwell Banker Townside Realtors
Ms. Karin Colozza
Ms. Jane Confroy
Wirt Confroy
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Conte
Deanna Cook
Mr. Tyler Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. James Cosby
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Cox
Steve Craige
Ms. Sally Craver
Ms. Linda Cyr
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Danstrom
Mrs. Julie Danstrom
Ms. Alexandria Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Deinlein
Delta Gamma Fraternity – Roanoke Valley Alumnae Chapter
Mr. Peter Dent
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dick
Mrs. Patricia Dickens
Ms. Barbara Dickinson
Dr. Charlotte and Mr. Richard Dietz
Mr. Stuart Dillon
Ms. Patricia Dowd
Ms. Jeanne Duddy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dugan
Tracy Duke
Ms. Narlene Dulaney
Mary-Leslie Duty
Mrs. Kay Early
Mr. and Mrs. Hutton Easley
Mr. and Mrs. William East
Mr. William East
Miyuki Edwards
Ms. Sue Eggers
Ms. Joan Eiland and Mr. Randy Laird
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellett
Katherine Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Emery
Mrs. Evelyn English
Ms. Diana Esposito
Ms. Laura Evans
Ms. Mary Ewers
Jennifer Farm
Ms. Patricia Farrow
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Faust
Ms. Marie Feddo
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Felix
Hugh Ferguson
Ms. Kimberly Ferguson
Ms. Kathryn Figg
Alicia Finley
Mr. Mark Fisher
Ginger Flynn
Mr. James Ford Jr.
Ms. Jan Fore
Mr. and Mrs. David Foster
Amy Fox
Mr. David Francisco
Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #795
Mr. and Mrs. David Fretwell
Frontstream (NPO Connect)
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frost
Mrs. Susan Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fuzi
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gannon
Mrs. Sally Garber
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Garrett Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett
Mr. Rick Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey George
Ms. Susan Gibson
Mrs. Nancy Gillespie
Mr. Lester Gillespie and Ms. Martha Taylor
The Giving Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsmith III
Ms. Diane Goode
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goodes
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Graeff
Ms. Joanne Gravett
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Ms. Elizabeth Griffith
Ms. Nancy Griggs
Kari Grim
Mr. and Mrs. Galen Grubb Jr.
Ms. Emily Guilliams
Ms. Caroline Haddock
Mrs. Nancy Hagan
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hake
Mr. Keith Halford
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Hall
Kirkland Hamill
Mr. and Mrs. John Hammond*
Ms. Elizabeth Hammond
Ms. Pamela Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Harrison Jr.
Ms. Katherine Harrison
Lindsay Hartz
Connie Harvey
Ms. Ann Harwood
Richard and Teresa Harwood
Mr. and Mrs. John Hasse
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hearp
Mr. and Mrs. William Heatwole
Heights Community Church – Women on a Mission
Mr. and Mrs. David and Bonnie Heintzman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Henderson*
David Henry
Ms. Laura Henry
Diane Herbert
Mrs. Rita Herbst
Carlos Hernandez
Anne Hildreth
Mr. Duane Hlavinka
Mr. and Mrs. George Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Holloman III
Mrs. Sandra Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hornick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houska
Mr. Colyn Howard
Rev. and Mrs. Francis Hubbard
Ms. Kathryn Hull and Ms. Carroll LaHaye
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Husted
J. Fountain Real Estate, Inc.
Ms. Heidi Jack
Ms. Faith Janney
Ms. Kathryn Janney
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jirka
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jirousek
Ms. Beverly Joachim
Ms. Mary Johnson
Brian Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones
Mrs. Deborah Jones
Mr. and Mrs Charles Jordan Jr.
Ms. Cynthia Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Julian
Stephen and Perri Kawash
Susan Kellam
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kenny*
Paige Kevill
Mr. and Mrs. George Killinger
Kye and Moon Kim
Mr. and Mrs. William King
Mrs. Carol King
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Kipps
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kitchens
Mr. David Kjolhede
Peggy Knight
Ms. Bonnie Knox
Ms. Tammy Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Koff
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koogler
Mary Beth Kors
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Kunkle
Mr. and Mrs. Brett LaGue
Kathy Lamanca
Ms. Gloriadene Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lash
Ms. Angela Laug
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Laughon
Maria Lawalt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lawson
Layman Family Foundation
Nicky Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Powell Leitch III
Ms. Christina Leitch
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lemon
Mr. Jeffrey Lemons
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Leslie
Mr. William Lester
Mr. and Mrs. John Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levin
Mr. Richard Lewis Jr.
Lewis Gale Regional Health System
LewisGale Regional Health System
Dr. Marjorie Lewter DVM
James Lippert
Ms. Martha Ann Litz
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Livingston*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lockwood
Mr. Stephen Lohman
Ms. Eleanor Long
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Love
Mrs. Jeanette Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. David Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Machado
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mackey
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Malamisura
Ms. Mary Markle*
Lauren, Drew, and Sena Marlatt
Ms. Cynthia Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Martin
Mr. and Mrs. William Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Masinter
Kent and Ann Massie
Ms. Joyce May
Robin McAlexander
Hon. and Mrs. Charles McCormick III
Mr. and Mrs. Danny McCormick
Drs. Kate and Harry McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. John McCraw
Cary and Randolph McGann
Mrs. Lynda McGarry
Ms. Joan McKiever*
Ms. Sara McMahon
Ms. Stephanie McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McWilliams
Lety Medina
Dr. and Mrs. Rob Meinecke
Ms. Christine Merriman
Mr. James Michaels Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Michalski
Greg Micheal
Mr. and Mrs. Les Miller Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Miller
Mr. Walter Miller Jr.
Ms. Judy Miller
Ms. Janet Mills
Ms. Jeanette Mistele
Ms. Betty Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Moeltner
Ms. Kristen Monahan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Montgomery
Mrs. Sara Mook
Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Moore Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Moore
Tiffany Mortimer
Moss In The Country
Movement Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. David Munch
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mundy
Mr. Timothy Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murray
Ms. Christine Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. David Nickell
Dr. and Mrs. Don Nolan
Gisela Nygards
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Dell
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Oehlschlaeger
Ms. Mary Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee Osborne
William Owen
Ms. Elizabeth Padgett
Ms. Tamara Padgett
Mr. Robert Pafford III
Mrs. Susan Paganelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Page
Mr. Kevin Parker
Mr. and Mrs. David and Brokie Partington
Mr. Donald Partington
Marguerite Parzen
Ms. Ann Patterson
PayPal Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jerone Pearson
Ms. Nicole Peaslee
Rebecca Pendergrast
Ms. Susann Peppes
Mr. David Peterson
James Petrine
Ms. Sharon Pheil
Ms. Deborah Phillips
Magan Pilato
Mr. Donald Piper
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Poff
Angela Polizzi
Ms. Lynne Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Brownie Polly III
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pooley
Mr. and Mrs. Carrington Powell
Present Thyme
Ms. Penelope Prevo
Ms. Doris Prillaman and Ms. Rita Rufty
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Race
Ms. Barbara Rainville
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Raushel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rayburn
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Read
Mrs. Hope Rector
Mark Reed
Mr. William Reed Jr.
Robin Reed
Religious Society of Friends, Inc.
Laken Renick
Dr. Randall Rhea
Richard and Karen Julian Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Richardson
Walter Richardson
Melissa Riner
Ms. Carol Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. W. Churchill Robison
Ms. Rochelle
Ms. Katie Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers Jr.
Ms. Krista Rogers
Mrs. Nancy Roles
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rollins
Mr. James Rose
Virginia Rumburg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rummel
Mrs. Susan Ryan
Ms. Martha Ryan
S&P Global Foundation
Ms. Donna Sampson
Ms. Marjie Sands
Melissa Saniuk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schietaert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schroeder
Dr. Gerhardt Schurig and Ms. Ginger Dakin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sciacca
Ms. Jean Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scriven
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Seaman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sease Jr.
Mr. Leonard Shank
Mr. Timothy Shank and Ms. Amy Whichello
Mr. Anthony Sheen
The Shem Family
Mr. and Mrs. F. Wyatt Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shockey
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Shuler
Dr. and Mrs. James Simmons
Rebecca Simmons
Ms. Doris Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Slaughter
Ms. Thaiese Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Smith Jr.
Laurel Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Don Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Smotrel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder
Ms. Ruth Snyder
Gary and Julie Sorensen
Southern Team Auto Mall
Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer Jr.
Ms. Robin Spicer
Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Nancy Spruill Jr.
Ms. Bonny Spruill
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
Ms. Lynda Starr
Dr. and Mrs. W. William Stevens
Mr. Cary Stiles
Dr. and Mrs. Bud Stockton
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Strong Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stutts
Ms. Anne Sumpter
Ms. Jane Sumpter
Ms. Lois Sumpter
Mrs. Hilarie Sweeney
Jeanne Swope
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Ms. Susan Tamez
Ms. Katherine Tarter
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Thomas
Ms. Jann Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. James Thurston Jr.
Ms. Anne Tiffany
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Tilley Jr.
Ms. Roberta Toney
Sarah Treger
Ms. Mary Turner
Ms. N. Elisabeth Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Umberger III
Unleashed LLC
Mrs. David Urias
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Usher
Mr. Kevin Vanarsdall
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vinal
Mr. Benjamin Wade
Ms. Dianne Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Walter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wardle
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Warren
Mr. and Mrs. John Waters
Porter Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Curt and Sharron Weaver
Mr. David Weaver
Mr. William Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Weekley
Ms. K. Weren
Mr. and Mrs. Austin West Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Wheeler
Tina Whitlow
Mr. John Whittle
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. David Wine
Mr. Ronald Winter
Ms. Barbara Withycombe
Beverley Witt
Ms. Patricia Wolthuis
Mrs. Lee Hardin Woody
Ms. Pamela Wright
Ms. Paula Wyche
Ms. Ruth Wylie
Mr. Ronald Wyly
Mr. Herbert Wyrick
Mr. and Mrs. William Yagle
Ms. Karen Zachary
Robin Zebrasky and Paul Wheeling
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zeller

Mr. William Adams
Ms. Carol Adams
Cristina Agee
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Agee
Cheryl Alexander
Mrs. Emily Allen
Thomas Allen
Mrs. Allison Angell
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Annoni
Anonymous (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Armstrong
Ms. Clare Arnold
Dr. Karen Asbury DVM
Susan Audrain
Cat Ayers
Dr. and Mrs. Vedii Ayyildiz
Mrs. Sally Bagley
Rachel Balcourt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barham
Amanda Barrick
Jeff Batson
Dr. and Mrs. Luther Beazley III
Kimberly Belcher
Dr. and Mrs. Thompson Berdeen
Mr. and Mrs. George Bidanset
Ms. Brandi Blair
Mr. Larry Bly
Ms. Nancy Bourne
Mrs. Nancy Bowser
Deborah Brasier
Ms. Cynthia Bremner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown
Anne Bruno
Ms. Helen Burch
Ms. Joanne Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bushnell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butler
Ron Butler
Mr. Ernie Butler and Mrs. Linda Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Byrd
Mr. Stan Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Campbell
Mr. George Canode
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Carey
Carilion Clinic Orthopedics
Dr. Stephanie Carlson MD
Ms. Christine Carneal
Crimora Carter
Roger and Pat Carter
Mrs. Helen Carty
Cejay Associates, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chappell
Mr. James Chase
Christy Chavis
John Clark
Ms. Debbie Clifton
Christy Collins
Ms. Patricia Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conlee
Ms. Cathy Connor
Alice Cook
Sue Cook
Ms. Jane Copeland
Ms. Pauline Corso
Chris Coulson
Mr. Jeffrey Cox
Mr. Stephen Craver
Tracey Criss
Mrs. Tricia Cronise
Courtney Cummins
CyberGrants – Comcast
Dr. John Czap DDS
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Danieley
Ms. Brenda Davis
Mr. and Mrs. David Derr
Mr. Wayne Dickerson
Ms. Jennifer Dickerson
Ms. Janet Dickson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dillon
Ms. Carla Dirlikov
Ms. Dorothy Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Duncan
Mr. Kevin Dyck
Ms. Paula Eager and Mr. Parke Capshaw
Angela Edmonds
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Edwards
Mollie Elder
Ms. Charlotte Ervine
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Evans Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eyrich
Rhoda T Ezell
Ms. Lisa Faist and Mr. Bill Nash*
Line Farr
Mrs. Lee Fitzgerald
Karen Fitzsimmons
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Follett
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fortner
Becca Frazier
Ms. Martha Freaney
Ms. Joan Freeland
Ms. Melissa Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye
Jim Garrett
Ms. Alice Gereaux
Ghent Hill
Ms. Salle Ann Gill
Cameron Gillespie
Ms. Kathryn Gillock
Ms. Ivon Goldsberry
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Gordon
Pamela Gossett
Jeffrey Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gressang
Deane and Tom Groseclose
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Guebert*
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Guynn Jr.
Erica Gwynn
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Hagan III
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Haislip
Mr. and Mrs. George Hales Jr.
Philip Hall
Ms. S. Revelle Hamilton
Robin Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hamlen
Ms. Rebecca Hamlen
Kay Hancock
Mr. Peter Harholdt
Ellen and Emerson Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Tina Hatcher*
Mrs. Joyce Headford
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Helinger
Jeffrey Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Henegar
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Herskovitz
Mrs. Ann Hewitt
Joan Widger Hildreth
Ms. Betty Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hipple*
Ms. Hildy Hogate
Mr. and Mrs. David Holcomb
Joanne Holden
Mr. Randy Holden
Jennifer Hoover
Mrs. Donna Horak
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hornsby
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hubbell
Mr. David Hudson
Ms. Betsy Huffman
Jamie Hypes
Ms. Anne Jaeger and Mr. Lee Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Len Janney
Michael Jefferson
Mrs. William Jester
Linda Jilk
Lisa Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson
Ms. Bonnie Johnson
Linda Johnston
Mr. Mark Journell
Mrs. Wendy Kagey
Emily Kendrick
Dennis Kerby
Ms. Trinette Kirkman
Mr. and Mrs. John Kleven
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Knopf
Hon. Lawrence Koontz and Ms. Eberle Smith
Mrs. Alice Kosko
Mr. Jeffrey and Dr. Rita Krasnow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lacey
Tammy Laclare
Ms. Susan Lambui*
Mr. and Mrs. Stanard Lanford Jr.
Raynelle Lankford
Ms. Judith Larson
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee
Mrs. Helgard Legg
Harris Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lewis
Ms. Marcye Likens
Ms. Shirley Lindamood
Vicki D Linkous
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Linton
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ian Lowdon
Ms. Jane Lowry
Amy Lundgren
Mr. Joseph Lunsford
Ms. Melissa Lux
Ms. Sue Lynch
Ms. Amy Maiolo
Mr. Douglas Mantz and Ms. Edwina Spodark
Rick and Kathy Marencik
Ms. Mary Marshall
Laura Martin-Riha
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mason Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth McCartney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCray
Kristen McNamara
Stacey Mercer
Mr. Patrick Milberger
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller
Ms. Sandra Mills
Mr. and Mrs. William Milona
Ms. Margaret Milona
Mr. John Moore
Mrs. Debra Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mullen Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Mumford
Ms. Barbara Neal
Mrs. Bonnie Neuhoff
Ashley Nicholas
Joseph O`Connor
Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connell
Paul Oursler
Susan Oursler
Ms. Linda Painter*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer
Terry Parcell
John Partington
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Payne
Ms. Connie Perdue
Ms. Linda Perdue
Ms. Rebecca Perdue
Ms. Virginia Perdue
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peters
Sherry Peters
Ms. Jill Petro
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Poore*
Dr. and Mrs. Cleveland Porter Jr.
Jennifer Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Don Portis
Cristina Poush
Kim and Fred Powell
Ms. Sheila Proffit
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Putnam Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pyne*
Jeff Randall
Mr. Lorin Randall
Ms. Teri Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rencsok*
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Richards III
Teresa Richards
Ms. Dorothy Richardson
Stephanie Richardson
Ms. Susan Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. David Risi
Mr. and Mrs. John Robbins
Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.
Ms. Susan Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. David Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Rodgers*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rotramel
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rucker
Connie Russell
Mr. and Mrs. David Safewright
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sallade
Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Savage III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schnabl
Mr. Harry Schweizer Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sequeira
Patrick Shank
Aimee Shearer
Shell Oil Co. – Matching Gifts
Carole Shepherd
Mr. Robert Shepherd
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Shiner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shrewsbury
Ms. Janice Silk
Kristin Sizelove
Rachel Slater
Bridget Smith
Karen Smith
Ms. Doreen Smith
Ms. Jacquelyn Smith
Robert Smith
Mr. Ray Smoot
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Somrock
Mr. Richard Sorensen
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sorrells
Charles Souter
Mr. Eric Spain
Mrs. Maria Sparkman
Ms. Cortney Spath
St. James Episcopal Church
Ms. Rosemary Steele
Dr. Richard and Dr. Teresa Stein
Kay Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Stiff
Margie Stinnett
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Strauch
Steven Strauss
Brent Sublett
Kerry Sutherland
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Suttmiller
Ms. Maryanne Sweeney
Taaza LLC
Mr. Tom Tankersley
Mrs. Marjorie Tankersley
Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor
Ms. Levinia Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. David Thurston
Ms. Christine Torzewski
Patty Trombetta
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tucker
Ms. Vicki Tuke
Ms. Suzi Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Underwood
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
Paul Vanhoosen
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Voelker*
Mr. George Vogel II
Mr. Herbert Wakeford
Cynthia Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Warner
Ms. Barbara Watts
Janice Weatherly
Mr. Jerry Webber
Mr. Steffan Welch
Ms. Carol Wellington
Ms. Janet West
Mr. Michael White
Cathryne Whitten
Ms. Patricia Wiegard
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wiggins
Ann Wilkes
Eric Williams
Ms. Fay Wingate
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Woodie
Mr. and Mrs. James Woodson
Mr. and Mrs. David Worland
Sharon Wormington
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Youell
Ms. Betty Young

Mr. Jerry Abell
Mrs. Thais Abernethy-McClure*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Agee
Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander
Teresa Anderson
Ms. Karen Andrews
Anonymous (8)
Mr. Ivan Arakaky
Ms. Heather Armstrong
Ms. Elizabeth Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Baer
Courtney Baker
Mr. Steve Baker
Marc Balcer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baldwin
Ms. Elizabeth Barber
Ms. Judy Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. John Barnshaw III
Mr. and Mrs. John Bartley Jr.
Mrs. Rita Basilico
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Basmajian
Anne Bass
Amanda Baumgardner
Ms. Faye Becker
Janet Beihoffer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Berglund
Mr. and Mrs. John Black
Judy Blackwell
Ms. Jane Bondurant
Ms. Sue Anne Boothe
Ms. Melanie Bowles
Mrs. Frances Bowling
Lauren Bradley
Ms. Judith Brancato
Ms. Madeline Bruggeman
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Bryant
Suzanne Bryant
Laurie Burnham
Kathy Bush
Laura Campbell
Ms. Cindy Carl
Mr. and Mrs. Carlis Carroll
Mrs. Betty Carroll
Mr. Gerald Carter
Mr. and Mrs. James Caudill
Julie Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. George Chernega
Mr. and Mrs. James Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark
Barbara Clay
Jennifer Clemo
Mr. and Mrs. William Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Rannie Clifton
Mr. William Coakley
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cole Jr.
Kristen Coleman
Ms. Judith Conley
Ms. Leckie Conners
Sharon Cooper
Debbie Costello
Mr. and Mrs. John Cowlbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Craft
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cribbs
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cromer
Dr. and Mrs. Junius Crowgey
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Curet
Ms. Dana Cushing
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Danielsen
Ms. Beth Darragh
Tara Davidson
Judith Davis
Ms. Alice Davis
Betsy Day
Mr. Peter and Dr. Jennifer De Forest
Brook Dickson and Kurt Navratil
Mrs. Deb Diffendal Englert
Heather Digiacomo
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dill*
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Dillon
Ann Marie Dlugos
Joanna Dlugos
Becky Doherty
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Duckwall
Kathleen Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Dunker
Ms. Jacqueline Early-Alley
Mr. Robert Edwards Jr.
Mrs. Peggy Edwards
Suzanne Eggeling
Mr. and Mrs. John Engleby
Ms. Sally English
Nika Erickson
Michelle Esteve
Alyssa Evans
Ms. Lucille Evans
Michelle Ewers
Catherine Fae
Mrs. Sandy Fifer
Amy Figueroa-Bearn
Mrs. Ann Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Don Fink
Lori Fitchett
Cynthia Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ford
Ms. Louise Forsythe
Jo Ann Foster
Ms. Barbara Freund
Mr. Leo Friedman and Ms. Susan Swanson
Ms. Beth Fulp
Ms. Michelle Gauthier
Mr. and Mrs. John Gearhart
Ms. Janie Gibson
Ms. Shelley Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Josh Gilbert
Mr. R. Ryan Givens
Laura Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gracon
Ms. Donna Gray
Beth Gray
Dreama Gray
Ms. Kelly Gray
Ms. Julie Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffith
Ms. Lisa Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Mary Groth
Mr. William Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hammond
Joanne Hamner
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hanna
Hanover Insurance
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Harbourt
Jason Harper
Mr. Scott Harriman
Brenda Harris
Ms. Brenda Harris
Ms. Jill Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Dodd Harvey
Peyton Hash
Mr. Frank Haurand
Ms. Sandra Hawthorne
Ms. Patricia Held
Amy Helm
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hendrickson
Mr. David Hevia
Dr. Bridget Hickman DVM
Jess Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hicks
Ms. Karen Hicks
Michelle Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Highfill
Mr. and Mrs. John Hildebrand
Mr. and Mrs. David Hill
Susan Hill
Ms. Carol Hingular
Ms. Jenna Hody
Ms. June Holden
Mrs. Barbara Honeycutt
John Huddy
Katrina Hundley
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter
Mr. Ronald Ignotz and Ms. Alicia Lenahan
Mrs. Mary Margaret Isbell
Jacob Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson
Annie Janyja
Tandy Jarvis
Mr. and Mrs. Pegram Johnson III
Christine Jordan
Ms. Brittany Joyce
Ms. Bobbie Kaylor
Ms. Angelika Kayte
Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kennedy
Ms. Joyce Kilby
Larissa Kimmel
Ms. Pamela King
Ms. Nancy Kistler
Ms. Carrie Knopf
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kolodny
Peter Kwiterovich
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lambert
Ms. Rosemary Larsen
Ms. Gerri Lauterio
Ms. Mai Le
Jaimie León
Ms. Judith Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leslie Jr.
Ms. Jeanne Leto
Mr. Anthony Lombardi
Ms. Jan Loux-Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Don Love
Sara Lovern
Ms. Maggie Lowe
Ms. Susan Lowe
Ms. Emily Lunceford-Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luzader Jr.
Ms. Laurie Macpherson
Ms. Karen Maddox
Sydney Mann
Todd Marcum
Donald and Kathy Marr
David Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Martin
Ms. Bonnie Martin
Ms. Helga Martin
Mr. Tim Masick*
Patricia Mason-Goggin
Anne Terrell Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCampbell
Bren McClain
Ms. Debra McClure
Ms. Gail McGirt
Rhonda McGlothlin
Ms. Mary Ellen McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McLaurin
Ms. Rebecca McNeer
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Melione
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meneghini
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mercier*
Heather Milberger
William Miller
Melissa Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mills
Sheri Minnix
Mrs. Jo Ann Minter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Missimer
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. William Moles
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore
Mrs. Suzanne Moore
Sharon Moran
Ms. Dawn Morgan
Ms. Emorene Morris
Mary Mott
Mr. Donald Mottesheard
Mr. Clifford Murray
Ms. Marcella Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newcomb
Ms. Sheryl Newcomb
Ms. Jane Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Kim O`Conner*
Dr. Derek O’Dell
Ms. Anne Parrott
Ms. Nancy Ruth Patterson
Sally Paxton
Ms. Christine Peeler
Kay Peery
Pepsico Foundation Employee Giving Program
Ms. Jan Perdue*
Ms. Shirley Perdue
Kathy Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Peters
Ms. Kristen Pilarski*
Ms. Faye Pleasants
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Polan
Ms. Jude Prashaw
Ms. Barbara Presnell
Mandy Price
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Price
Ms. Irene Price
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Purdy
Dr. Bridget Quatmann
Mr. Brian Rader
Kim Ramsey
Mrs. Susan Randall
Ms. Hannah Raque and Mr. Ed Fox
Mr. and Mrs. William Ray Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rector
Maura Redmond
Lindsey Reifel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Renaghan
Andres Reyna
Mr. Donald Reynolds
Mrs. Barbara Reynolds
Ms. Kathleen Robertson
Juliet Rosso
Troy Rozich
Ms. Janet Rutherford
Mr. Theodore Sabados
Michael Sabin
Bernie Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Davy Schwalenberg
Ms. Kay Selman
Ms. Elizabeth Sensabaugh*
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Shelton
Ms. Alana Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons
Casey Smith
Casey Smith
Cheryl and Connor Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
J.H. Smithey
Ms. Helen Smythers
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snidow
Mr. Charles Snyder
Mary Sopka
Kathryn Sowers
Cynthia Spiers
Dr. and Mrs. Dale Sprenkel
Dr. and Mrs. Grant Sprinkle III
Hillary Spruance
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Stacks
Mrs. Margaret Staeben
Rachel Stauffer
Heather Stclair
India Stockton
Amy Stone
Mr. Mark Swope
Mr. and Mrs. Robby Thomas
Teresa Tomko and Richard Fricker
Ms. Candie Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Toney
Mr. and Mrs. David Topping
Lois Traver
Jessica Trent
Mr. James Tupper and Catherine Dillon
Ms. Desiree Turner
Marisa Turpin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Usher
Ms. Sue Valentine
Pieter van Iderstine
Ms. Ann Vernon
Ms. Patsy Waddell
Ms. Jan Waldron
Brian Walters
Ms. Paula Ward
Mary Madeline Webster
Teresa Whitt
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilhelm III
Lynn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Williams Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Willson
Ms. Angela Wilson
Mr. David Wood
Ms. Joycelyn Wood
Ms. Christa Woomer
Lynn Yates
Ms. Patti Yeats
Ms. Judy Zarlenga
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Zevon

Thais Abernethy-McClure
Susan Adams
Donna Akers
Susan Anderson-Hodges
Olga Atienza
Victoria Baker
Craig Balzer
Jeff Barbour
Jerry Barnes
Kathy Baske Young
Judy Bates
Tyla Bird
Catherine Boush
Julie Boxley
Luke and Cassie Brugh
John Carlin
Janet Carter
Jeff Clark
Kevin and Karen Conlan
Judy Cornwall
Sally Craver
Michelle Derrico
Lorraine Dill
Brandy Disbennett-Albrecht
Sara Do
Sara Beth Dodson and Jacob Haynes
Carol Downey
Jo Lynn Draper
Jennifer Eaton
Hank Ebert
Jean Evans
Lisa Faist
Charlene Fay
Mark Finkler
Amy Frazier
Sandy Furick
Steven and Kathryn Gardner
Emily Gerdes
Scott Guebert
Nancy Hack
Maria Hammond
Roger and Bev Henderson
Meagan Henry
Kellie Hoffman
Janice Holland
Emily Hollida
Taressa Hurd
Christy Izard
Nancy Jacobs
Annie Jenkins
Anne Jenkins
John Johnson
Janine Joyce
Holly Kellam
Susannah Kellam
Erin Kenny
Logan Kenny
Stacey Kesel
Annette Kirby
Pat Lambui
Susan Lambui
Jackie Lantz
Jaimie Leon and Rick Del Vecchio
Lori Livingston
Julie Macpherson
Mary Markle
Tim Masick
Lynnie McCurdy
Joan McKiever
Theresa Mercier
Melissa Mercure
Sherry Miller
Paula Mitchell
Pam Moskal
Dennis Nagel
Kim O`Conner
Doug Oursler
Allyson Perdue
Jan Perdue
Jim Petrine
Kristen Pilarski
Anne Marie Poore
Nanci Pristou
Dianne and Fred Rencsok
Stephanie Rodgers
Karen Saplak
Elizabeth Sensabaugh
Kimberlee Shader
Shannon Shaffer
Krista Sinnott
Freda Smith
Kim Smith
Dedi Spradlin
Steve Strauss
Dennis and Sue Sulka
Susan Sullivan
Nadia Summo
Cindy Tuck
Bob Villamil
Russ and Joyce Voelker
Courtney Wiegard
Brian Wiersema
BJ Williams
Jim and Bev Wisser
Dianne Woody
Julia Wren

*Represents a donor who is also a volunteer

We have taken great care to present an accurate and complete listing of all of our supporters.  If an omission or other error has occurred, we express our sincere regret and ask that it be brought to our attention.

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