Class of 2021

David and Eclipse

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“There are so many ways this experience has changed my life. I have more freedom with Eclipse. He has given me courage and confidence to do things that I would not be doing without him. Having him with me every day is a blessing.” -David

Walker and Warwick Forest

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“Walker is everyone’s dog.  He is every resident’s dog, he is every team member’s dog.  His love for people does not have limits, and you will get that from the moment you meet him.  He makes our assisted living feel like home.”
– Garnet Gilmore, Walker’s handler

Mitz and Chesterfield JDR Court

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“Mitz has brought light to our entire courthouse. His name, Mitzvah, or Mitz for short, means ‘good deeds.’ The children and adults he has worked with have certainly appreciated his good deeds.” -Judge Minton, Mitz’s handler

Eric and Nemo

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“Nemo helps me live life to the fullest in a multitude of ways. He helps me physically, and he is my constant companion. I am his person and he is mine.”

Justin and Tipper

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“The best thing about Tipper is his unconditional love and devotion to my son. He acts as a bridge to the world, socially and emotionally for Justin. Because of him, I have a happier son.” -Jeanette, Justin’s mom

Kit and Penny

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“My partnership with Penny has brought great peace of mind to both myself and my family.  Penny may be quiet in demeanor, but she has a big presence in what she and I are able to accomplish together.” -Kit

Class of 2020

Lucy and Beck
Beck brings me joy when I least expect it. She is always ready to work and go on a moment’s notice, and loves doing it. Beck is always ready for adventure.” -Lucy

Robert and Ben
“Since Ben has joined our family, Robert has started to display affection spontaneously. Our household is filled with more joy.” -Mike, Robert’s dad

Ian and Archie
“Archie has been the only constant we have
had during moments of volatility and change.
His energy and company could not have come
in a better time. He has been a great support
during this time of isolation.” -Silvia, Ian’s mom

Tyler and Palmer
“Palmer helps provide structure for Tyler, which allows us to have a routine at home and a greater ability to be in public with Tyler.” -Tina, Tyler’s mom

Elizabeth and Luna

“The best thing about the partnership is that she loves me for me. She has made me a better person and has given me the confidence to talk to people. She makes me smile all the time. I am very proud that I am her partner.” –Elizabeth

Leslie and Hansen
“All I have to do is mention his name and he is right there, ready to please and do a task! He is not only a service dog, he is also my companion and partner.”
– Leslie

Hannah and Fancy
“It is difficult to gauge how she will change my life over the coming years, but Fancy will be bringing the positivity and the go-get-em’ attitude I need to keep up. While we’re finding our new adventures, she’ll help keep me safe by ensuring that I reach far, but not too far.” –Hannah

Kingston and Aurie
“We see them slowly building a relationship and becoming best buds, which he has never had before! We can see Kingston having less anxiety issues and a bigger and brighter future.” -Joyce, Kingston’s aunt

Ada and Riverside Rehabilitation Hospital
“Everyone loves seeing Ada walk down the halls, patients and staff alike. She has been a huge help with therapy support and seems to really brighten the patients’ days during visit modes.” -Sara, recreation therapist, RRH

Logan and Rock
“I will never forget the feeling after we got his diagnosis and being told all the things he wouldn’t be able to do, and look at him now with his dog by his side. Our son has so much to offer this world.” -Erin, Logan’s mom

Class of 2019

Charlie And Duxi
“Duxi helps me with walking and doing everyday things.  She can open a door for me.  She can stand still so that I can balance on my new legs.  She can help me get undressed by pulling my shirt off.  She sleeps in my room and can go get mommy if I need her. She loves me, I love her. She is a very good dog.”

Radar and Kathy
“Radar and I have an incredible connection both physically and emotionally. He watches me intently on his own especially when I do something he thinks may be dangerous. He brought the phone to me when I fell off a step stool. He constantly picks up dropped objects and gives them to me both at home and in stores. He is always here with me and is always willing to help. He makes my daily life easier. He promotes my sense of self-worth and confidence.”

Michael and Ryker
“Michael helps Ryker pick up things he drops, gets help when we need it and helps to support Ryker to provide balance.  Michael is also used in speech class to help Ryker project his voice by using commands and fun games. Michael is a part of our family. He’s the missing link we didn’t even know was missing.”
Alysha, Ryker’s mother

Tahoe and Eliza Jeanne
“Tahoe helps me calm down after I get upset. Sometimes he comes to me and I just feel calm. When he ‘covers’ (applies his weight on me) it sometimes makes me forget why I’m starting to get upset. He’s also very good at picking things up for me.  He’s always happy to see me.  I know how much he loves me.”
Eliza Jeanne

Freedom and Amy
“Freedom knows so many different commands!  She provides me with physical support when I become dizzy/lightheaded. She is also a wonderful companion animal who helps to reduce my anxiety levels and also helps me to stay present and in the moment on a daily basis.  I love how unbelievably smart Freedom is and how much she loves life, loves to learn new things, and loves to play!  I rarely feel lonely anymore because Freedom is with me always. “

April and BRAAC
“April encourages students to move around. She is a great reinforcer. She helps with communication and social skills. She has a calming affect with the students. Students are excited to come to school to see her, and they light up when they see her!”
Tammie, Handler

Lucas and Andrew
“This partnership has brought new joy and hope to our family. Lucas is able to help Andrew so much when he is having a meltdown. Andrew has begun to let Lucas lay on his feet and lower legs to help calm him. The pressure helps soothe him and calm him down. We are going out more with Andrew and trying new things now that we have Lucas. He has helped change how the public treats people with special needs. Everyone is nicer and more engaging when Lucas is with us.  I have never heard my child laugh so much and watched him experience so much joy.”
Melissa, Andrew’s mother

Storm and Tristan
“Storm is always there for me.  She helps me by licking and sitting next to me when I get overwhelmed.  She is so playful and loyal and happy.  She is like a sibling to me.”