Staff/Board | Saint Francis Service Dogs

The Saint Francis Service Dogs staff works tirelessly to help people with disabilities to better experience the world through partnership with a service dog.

Name Title Email Ext
Madeline Bruggeman IWDR Coordinator  
Debbie Clifton Training Manager  
Deborah Duerk Operations Director 403
Kari Grim Philanthropy Coordinator 405
Sharon Grant Staff Trainer  
David Henry Maintenance and Groundskeeping    
Bob Lee Bookkeeper 408
Kathy Marr Breeding Program and Puppy Procurement Manager 410
Tiffany Moeltner Field Training Manager 404
Erin Morris Marketing and Public Relations Manager 414
Kris Sorensen Services Coordinator 410
Maggie St. John Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator 401
Cortney Thibodeau Staff Trainer 405
Loreen Thompson Puppy Program Manager 406
Andrew Via Kennel Manager 413
Marilyn Wilson Operations Coordinator 407
Cabell Youell Executive Director 402

Board of Directors

The Saint Francis Service Dogs Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of people that bring their unique talents to the service of Saint Francis. Their collective experience, expertise, and commitment to the Saint Francis mission is key to our organization’s success.

Board of Directors:

Nadia Summo: President
Krista Sinnott:  Vice President
Anne Jenkins: Secretary
Marie Wimmer, CPA: Treasurer
Mark Finkler:  Veterinary Advisor
Courtney Wiegard:  Past President

Craig Balzer
Jeff Barbour
John Carlin
Sally B. Craver, MSW
Jo Lynn Draper
Nancy Hack
Annette Kirby
Paula Mitchell
Jim Petrine
Krista H. Sinnott
Steven S. Strauss
Robert Villamil
Kathy Baske Young

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